Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it really more fun in Blogging and Social Media?

What's all these craze that people are talking about interwoven in this whole spiderweb of connectivity? Blogs. Blogs. Blogs. There are millions of them. They're mean. They're keen. They're taking over. A friend once told me that if you're not seen and heard online, then it's as though you don't exist at all. You're a nobody in this technology-driven world. Now that Blogging and Social Media has gone mainstream, why not make the most of it? Why? Simply, because it's fun. It could be a channel for you to spread your thoughts, express your advocacies and earn some cash.

Well, let me share to you 7 reasons on why it's more fun in blogging and social media:

1. You meet new people. 

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Whether you find yourself blog walking in the internet looking for new pieces of informations about the best places to travel, the hottest restaurants in town and the latest events to join for you to become ubiquitous. Blogging is the way to go. Having said that, blogging and social media can take to other people's experiences and how others think even though you may not know them personally. After all, people are what makes life special. And if you happen to join a society like Cebu Bloggers' Society, you get to meet people from all walks of life and learn from them as well. Interesting, I'm sure!

2. It takes you places.

With blogging, you could get invited to different events that would give you the exposure about what's happening around you. May it be by newly opened food shops or by establishments trying to promote their products, services and events. Just like books, It can take you to places you've never been to just by reading other people's experiences and wistfully looking at the pictures they've taken. I for one enjoy browsing travel blogs and wishing that I would actually experience them first hand someday. But for now, I'll have to settle being an armchair traveler, with high hopes of experiencing them someday, of course.

3. It expands your mind.

We are bombarded by thousands of informations online. Some of them get stuck in our minds and some are filtered out and labeled as boring or insignificant, but if you know how to work it out focus only on what truly matters, you could learn a lot from social media and blogging dedicated to give you knowledge from genres of your choice. From science to fashion and the new technologies in the market or on how to be a good conversationalist even. You name it.

4. You can share your advocacy.

Blogs are indisputably one of the best channels for you to share your advocacies to the world as it reaches the other end of the planet in a single type of the mouse. Advocacies are meant to make the world a better place, from environmental ones to protecting the human rights. You can actually do your part through blogging and be heard and least make a difference in your own little way.

5. It serves as an outlet for your thoughts.

We all have those crapola days when you just want to become a recluse. Admit it. We're human beings. That's completely normal and what better way to vent out your frustrations and your thoughts than writing it down and letting other people know they're not the only one stuck in a sullen situation. Also, it can make you feel better when you finally put it out of your mind and turning them into words and it can even make you feel better when other people start commiserating with you.

6. You can earn money.

Aside from seeing blogs as a hobby, you could even earn some extra dough from it. For one thing, you could market your own services in your blog, sell advertising, sponsorship or you could get paid by different companies to write certain topics to promote their products and services.

7. You can connect with people from all over the globe.

I hate feeling lonely, we all hate feeling lonely. I believe that is the reason why social media sites are created. To make human beings feel less lonely by connecting with people through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Hi5. It's amazing how you can acquire loads of information about a person through these social media sites even though you're completely a thousand miles away from each other.


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