Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Black Sambo Recipe


First Layer

         1 cup                     all purpose cream

         1 can                     condensed milk

         3 tbs.                     unflavored gelatin               

         1/2 cup                  cold water


Second Layer

         1 can                      evaporated milk
         1 cup                      sugar
         1/2 cup                   coca powder
         1 cup                      hot water
         3 tbs.                      unflavored gelatin
         1/2 cup                   cold water

         1-1)     Dissolve gelatin in 1/2 cold water.
         1-2)     Mix all purpose cream and condensed milk in a pan under low fire.
         1-3)     Add the melted gelatin to the cream and condensed milk mixture and continue stirring  
                     for about 10 minutes under low fire.
         1-4)     Place mixture in desired containers and let cool. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before 
                     adding next layer. Freeze for 15 minutes for fast results.
         2-1)     Dissolve gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water.
         2-2)     Mix evaporated milk, sugar, melted chocolate (cocoa powder and water) in a pan under 
                     low fire.
         2-3)     Add the melted gelatin to the milk, sugar, choco mixture and continue stirring for 10 
                     minutes under low fire. Set aside mixture and let cool.
         2-4)     Place mixture on top of the first layer and refrigerate. Garnish with whip cream or 
                     chocolate swirls.

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