Thursday, March 24, 2011

What good are jaunts?

What good are jaunts.... at the end of the day it'll only be a part of your memory.

It's as good as...... you imagining of hoping in for your little adventure. A few months after your jaunt the memories are still fresh in your mind. Enter 3 years or more and you'll eventually forget how much fun you've had everything doesn't come out as vivid as it was before. Sometimes there are doubts if that experience truly happened or was that just a part of my wild imagination left as a memory at the back of your head.
You can only think about your jaunt in retrospect and without pictures as proof, it'll be as if

it never happened at all......

So do you think dreaming about being in that paradise is as good as having been there? Dreaming is for free after all without a penny to spend.

I guess the reason why I'm rambling like this because Im stuck here in my humble abode. I actually got plans today, I was suppose to be letting my hair down today, swimming with my filipino girlfriends but plans were changed at the last minute since we have our finals for mktg today. Supposedly, it was scheduled last wed. but nooOO!, she just had to change the date! she just had to do it. and by she, I mean franco.. man! darn it!

this day was planned to be a good day! just swimming in the pool, having our drink, laughing and dancing and singing karaoke! but just my luck, it turned out quite the contrary of things!

to add to the misery, I don't have plans of going on a vaction this summer, apparently, I'll be having summer classes and a part time job.. my family has plans on going to enchanted kingdom. BUT! who would want to spend time with people who would only make you feel dejected and demeaned. I'm not kidding, even if they'll be a the happiest place on earth, as long as the people you're with are not so nice to you. You would never enjoy the trip. boo hoo! oooh burn..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My loves. part 2

I just love:

- cocktails especially vodka margarita.. uhmmm.. it would really be perfect with a good get together with friends..

- I love reading and writing, I guess they just go together just like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, macaroni and cheese, you get the picture.

- I love classical music, I usually play them as my background music when I'm doing some school works...

- I love kids.. as what I have mentioned in my previous post.. they are simply wonderful little people..

- I love croutons...

- I love mushrooms..

- I love God who has blessed me so much and he's just giving me his overflowing grace and love.. so much that I gotta share it...

Precious ones.

Kids are just so adorable. I don't know why but everytime I get to see adorable kids they just turn my world in such frenzy and they give me that sense of joy coming out from my soul..

One precious experience I've recently had with kids was just last saturday, where I get to share this table with a famly with two toddlers, and boy and girl named joshua and gale who were about 4 and 3 y.o... They were always smiling at me and I cant help but smile that gushy smile towrds them. I showed joshua how you can actually write in the receipt paper with just your fingernails. He was so amazed, and I told him that it was magic and it was our secret.

If you can only see the look on his face, it's like he was saying in a though bubble:"what if my parents heard you about our little magic secret?"... I think he actually believed me.. little kiddo, you've got much to learn..

when they finished with their meals and were about to leave, they got up from their chairs and kept on touching my face, I don't know why.. and I was all giggly and laughing and so was their mom.. how adorable.. I hust had to squish gently their little cheeks, their just too cute for me.. ugh! I want to have a baby in the house.. and I'll read him bedtime stories and teach them how to dance and sing and teach them all about God.. oh, thinking about it gives me such bliss..

If I'm not a hotel and restaurant student, I'd probably be on my way being a teacher in a pre-school.. no joke..

End of the World, anyone?

And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.

See that you are not troubled;

for all these things must come to pass,

but the end is not yet. [Still before the Rapture and the 'Apocalypse']

For nation [ethnic group] will rise against nation [ethnic group],

and kingdom [country] against kingdom [country] . . .

All these are the beginning of sorrows [actual translation is "birth pangs"]

[As with "birth pangs" they will grow closer]

(Matt 24:6-7)

The world is so not the same as it was 50 years ago, its amazing how much can change in the span of even just 10 years..

sometimes it makes me wanna wish for me to be a teen in the 1960's in another country of course, but that's apparently not the case.. a girl can dream, can't she?! how nice to be a part of the Woodstock and hippies generation..

now, things are so different... It's global warming people and judging from the signs, I don't think we can ever stop global warming but we can lengthen the life of the earth if we really work hand in hand I guess. As what our pastor said: "It's harvest time".. look at the signs, there are wars starting in some parts of the world, bloodcurdling catastrophes coming out of the blue..

But I guess I'm not really afraid to say that I can look at death straight to the eye with a grin on my face. I don't mind dying, for me, It's actually beautiful and peaceful. But if you ask me the question "are you ready to die?" 10 yrs from now, I don't think I'd be able to say the same thing. By then, I'd probably have a family and leaving them would be such a hard thing to do. But for now, I can bravely say that I'm not afraid of you little death...

Life is really too short, don't live life too seriously because well, no one gets out alive anyways. I can gladly say that I have a new mantra:"Live life to the fullest, no regrets!" yeah! Always give your 110% and always pour your heart out in everything especially on things you love to do.. I always try to put that in my head when I always want to do something that I haven't done before.. positivism people, and surrounding yourself with positive people also helps.. It's good for the soul and it gives you that positive aura.. amaaazing!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skywalk Experience

at Crown Regency Towers, Cebu City, Philippines.

If you're the kind of person who's not up for thrills and it may seem like your heart would not be able to handle it then I suggest you go for the sky walk instead of the edge coaster where you get to be tilted facing the ground while sitting high up 30 storey from the ground. The sky walk experience was like having to walk around the tower, there's not much suspense really. I say you go for the edge coaster. It's really worth your bucks.

But you know what's full of suspense? Bungee jumping high up in the Macau towers is what full of suspense. I haven't' tried it, but I sure wouldn't mind giving it a boost, 3 years from now. hopefully. But dreaming of it for now, will suffice, there's nothing I can do after all. I'm stuck here for a while. But trying bungee jumping in really life would be a lot nicer.
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