Friday, December 31, 2010

Love and Hate

Love and hate

-I love hearing myself sing during brownouts with a falcetto voice that sounds nothings like that of a gifted singer.

-I love indie music.

-I amuse myself sometimes with my morbid thoughts of death and as a juvenile thinker.

-I love kids especially toddlers!! so adorable, they're so carefree and know nothing about the fuss and sorrows that the real worlds has to offer.. It's like they have a whole new world to their own..

-I love being able to meet with GOD in the morning and hearing HIM speak wisdom.

-i LOVE feeling the cold water during baths and getting soaked skin deep.

-I love imagining what people's lives might be like.

-I love my taste in music.

-I love meeting new people and watching movies with them.

-I love reading.

-I love warm bread in par with hot choco or coffee.

-I love my college kid swag. gaarrrRR

-I love waiting for that amazing man i'm gonna spend the rest of my life with.

-I love to write.

-I love imagining having my own book someday. dreamer much! hah!

-I love imaging myself owning my own patisserie someday.

-I love imaging walking in the streets of France.

-I hate desmenorrhea (not sure with the spelling though, forgive me for floundering)

-I hate that I have only such a wee lonely dimple inmy left cheek, Its as though its barely even there.

-I hate days when I have such big "hello world pimples" yuks

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thats me, pinkz, kating, and jorraine from left to right! :))

Being the kids that we are! :p

posing for the cam at some staircase near kagay-anon resto in Lim Ket Kai

Can you see the glint in our eyes, we truly miss each other's company back in high school..

It was a post 18th celebration, ofcourse we had a night out (dinner was on me, sad to say)..

you see, I didn't have a grand debut celebration, aside from the fact that it's just not needed, It's too extravagant and we are not the kind of family who would push the boat out..

Besides, I don't want a debut.. instead of which, the money that could have been spent on my debut trying to feed a number of guest and renting out some hotel event room, and having problems raving about the party's plan and all that crap.. they could use the money instead in my education (BS HRM) which is pretty pricey, due to the tuition and fee and the school is under an australian qualifications program and the int'l practicum, though it's not compulsory, But I'd probably wistfully want to grab that opportunity to go far away and immerse myself in foreign cultures that I have always dream of as a child.

So, the bottom line is I'm don't regret not having a debut.

the presence of my friends and some small celebration that we had at home with family and neighbors, was enough. I don't need much. I'm pretty complacent about it.

It was fun finally seeing my girls after being mile away because of college, I can always be myself when with these kids. With them, I can freely let my hair down and share some feral moments. Love you guys, you have really made footprints in my heart that is indelibly hard to erase..

Yuletide spirit

Its abby and me fronting the huge over-decorated christmas tree in SM...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, (Can I hear a cheer??!!!) yeehehyy!!! another SMP (samahan ng malalamig na pasko) wahahah... when will I ever get to spent a real "white christmas" in a balmy foreign country, looks like dreaming will have to do for now.. ambisyosa!

A breath of fresh air

okay, after giving it some serious thought. I decided to make a new blog.

erase the past and mend what is broken and shattered. I was thinking of filling this blog with my adventures (If I do have any, that is)..

What I had imagined was that, maybe someday I could travel to places, then spend time posting pictures about it here and rave about my wonderful trips that I had thought at the back of my mind.

hopefully soon, someday. God-willing..

then I would finally become a well-cultured and well-traveled individual as what I had dream of as a child..
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