Monday, June 18, 2012

1000 Awesome Things: The Kids Table

The Kids Table is where all the kids eat dinner at holiday family gatherings.
It’s generally a rickety card table from the basement pushed beside a yellow plastic one from the palyroom that ends up turning Grandma's hallway into an eat-in kitchen.
Sometimes it’s two different heights, sometimes the chairs
are broken, and usually the whole thing is covered in a plastic Christmas tablecloth freshly ripped from the dollar store cellophane.
No matter what, though, The Kids Table is a great place
to find burps, laughs, and juice spills at a holiday meal. Everyone’s enjoying a warm evening with cousins, decked out in their finest cable-knit sweaters, rosy red cheeks, and sweaty bedhead.

The Kids Table is great for many reasons.
First of all, no parents, no problems. Nope, the grown-ups are all baking pies, playing ping-pong, or sipping eggnog by the fireplace. The parenting theory here is that the kids sort of form a group safety net that will come screaming if somebody gets hurt, so no need for a pesky watchful eye. With all adults distracted, rules fly our the window and suddenly elbows lean on tables, chewed-up broccoli gets hidden in napkins, and somebody starts eating mashed potatoes with their bare hands. And no matter how old everyone is, the rule at The Kids Table is that you must act like you're seven. Teenagers who think they're too old for the table quickly start blowing bubbles in their milk, pouring salt in people's drinks, and giggling like mad. Then someone pops up a loud fart and everyone laughs for ten straight minutes. Lastly, let's not forget that The Kids Table eats first and sometimes features special items like lasagna with no onions, random chopped-up hot dogs, or real Coca-Cola awkwardly poured from heavy 2-liter bottles into tiny Styrofoam cups.

A lot of good times and great moments happen at The
Kids Table. Little ones learn from older siblings and cousins.
Childhood bonds are formed over toys, tears, and gravy spills.
And it’s good practice for growing up and eating with high
school pals at greasy spoons, scarfing hungover breakfasts
with college roommates, and enjoying Christmas dinner with
old family friends from the dining room next door.
So thank you, The Kids Table.
For all you do.

 - Excerpt from by Neil Pasricha, the brilliant writer behind his very AWESOME blog that never fails to make me smile, laugh and giggle. Hope you take the time to read it, it can surely brighten anyone's day, I know mine did. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Samsung Unveils its 2012 Smart TV Lineup in Cebu

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, showcased its 2012 Smart TV lineup at the Imperial Palace in Mactan, Cebu.

We were served with delightful refreshments and food to wake up our taste buds while we waited, patiently, for the launching to start.

Striking a pose in their Samsung wall

 At the launch Samsung presented its newest home entertainment products for 2012. This is the fourth leg of the Smart TV store launches. Lo and Behold, Samsung reveals the future.

Samsung Introdues the future and what it’s all about. It’s so smart it understands gesture, recognize face and voice. It appreciates the taste in lifestyle to provide more contents to enjoy new possibilities for smarter life with Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung’s TV product offerings are built on three pillars: Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution, all new market-revolutionizing features available in 2012.

Smart Interaction:
Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology provides Smart TV users with a new, more natural and intuitive option for controlling and interacting with the TV—breaking the physical boundaries between the consumer and screen. Samsung’s new Motion Control, Voice Control, and Face Recognition commands advance user experience in a competitive TV market that values ease, convenience and choice. Users can turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps or search for and select content in the web browser—all without touching the remote.

Smart Content:

As the Smart TV platform of choice, Samsung provides consumers access to the widest variety of premium content available, with over 1,500 apps offered worldwide.

In 2012, Samsung is taking content one step further and evolving the way consumers discover and access apps—through a new Smart Hub that features a simpler, more personable UI in Full HD. Samsung’s Smart TVs also provide a much faster Smart TV experience powered by a new dual-core processor.

Samsung also showcased its commitment to convergence and content accessibility through AllShare Play, the essential tie between Samsung’s products, content and services. This Smart TV service allows content to be pushed or pulled—regardless of the user’s location—from device to device, and device to cloud for limitless sharing. AllShare Play enables consumers to push content manually to the cloud or pull the content directly from their Smart TV or other mobile devices.

Further, Samsung has strengthened its Smart TV content experience through the introduction of new exclusive services. The first-of-their kind services allow for easier content sharing among families across TVs and a number of connected personal devices.

  • Family Story allows consumers to stay connected with their families and share photos and calendars through the Samsung Cloud service.
  • Fitness allows consumers to access exercise content and track progress both on the TV and on the go.
  • Kids offers a wealth of kid-friendly content that kids can access and parents can control and monitor.

The Product Manager, Jan Roman, gave us the lowdown about Samsung's new lineup.

Smart Evolution:

Finally, Samsung’s Evolution Kit—an industry first—will allow consumers to easily and cost-effectively enjoy the latest technology services on their TV. With a simple slot-in at the back of select 2012 Samsung Smart TV models, consumers can keep pace with rapid advancements in both TV hardware and software—without needing to purchase a new set every year. Users can now keep their Smart Evolution enabled TV up to date through the company’s proprietary system-on-chip technology--making Samsung the only consumer electronics company to offer this evolving TV solution.

The media, giving the new lineup of Samsung Smart TV a try. We were all impressed.

The Cebu Blogger's   were invited to witness the launching of Samsung Smart TV as it presents... the Future of technology. From left to right: Jervie Montejar, Mark Monta, Bjorn Bernales, Puri Mabano, Bert Padilla, and Edcel Ceniza

The host, Phoebe Fernandez from MagTV and Mark Monta of

Bjorn Bernales of, Jervie Montejar of, the host,  Phoebe Fernandez and Edcel Ceniza of

“Samsung continues to set the bar in innovation worldwide, combining ground-breaking features with unmatched performance and design to create products that match and anticipate consumers’ needs and desires. Watch out as Samsung unveils its 2012 Samsung Smart TV lineup in stores across the country” said Amby Molina, Samsung Product Marketing Head for AV.

The 55-inch Samsung Smart TV is now sold in stores SRP is Php 239,900 PROMO price: Php 215,910 free 32-inch LED tv, Skype, 3 3D glasses, and blue ray player 

The 46-inch Smart TV UA-45D7000 has a promo price of: 149,900 and it comes with a 32-inch LED TV, Skype, blue ray player and 3D glasses.

For more information, log on to

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dahilayan Forest Park

"Located at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, Dahilayan Forest Park is nestled at the foot of Mount Kitanglad 4,700 ft. above sea level. Forest Park was built with the vision of helping develop the tourism industry in Bukidnon and the whole Philippines as well." -
My second time at Dahilayan definitely tastes much sweeter the 2nd time around and it's even better now than before because they've added the Dahilayan Forest Park. Beside it's sister company, Dahilayan Adventure Park which boasts of its longest Dual Zipline(840m) in Asia!

Even though the road to Dahilayan was roughly 1 & 1/2 hr away from Cagayan de Oro City, I can never seem to get enough of it. Probably because of  the beautiful landscapes that will surely take one's breath away, it’s like the country side of England not that I’ve been there but that’s exactly what I see in movies. It's my own vision of HEAVEN. It's that beautiful! You’re sure to enjoy the lush green sceneries and beautiful flowers along the mountain sides and what I love even more about Dahilayan is its cool and crisp atmosphere with a bit of cozy feel to it.

The Philippines is truly a blessed country with wonderful and beautiful God-given natural resources, we’ll just have to make the most of it. If you want white sand beaches, we have it. If you want beautiful landscapes and mountains, we have it. If you want disarming, friendly and fun-loving people, we have them. If you want delicious fruits and delicacies, we have it. It’s amazing how much this small yet beautiful country has to offer. The only sad part is that, there are also a lot of poor people and people of higher places who abuse their positions and take more than what they deserve in exchange leaving their people less then what they deserve. It’s so sad that we see our country as somewhat poor and un-progressive compared to other Asian countries which is really the case though. What’s even more sad is that we don’t have great leaders like David who could give glory back to this beautiful and yet poor country. Such a shame. We are so blessed by God yet we don’t see it and we don’t make the most out of what God has lend us. But enough with that, let’s continue talking about how great and awesome Dahilayan is. I could live here. Seriously.

You can read about our first Dahilayan trip right here where we tried ziplining.

There are a lot of fun activities you can try at this awesome park like Zorbit. Say hello to the whirling and twirling of the ball whilst being inside it. It was scary yet very fun. I felt like crying and I just couldn’t stop screaming from all the adrenaline rush welling up inside me. It was as though I was being thrown in a cliff. Now I know what it’s like to be a little hamster inside its plastic bubble, it was crazy.

You can also have fun in their playground and release the child in you. Complete with their monkey bars, seesaw, slides, posing with their totems, teepee, concrete replica of wild animals and Indians!

They also have a Cafe inside the Park where you enjoy enjoy sipping hot chocolate while wandering around, smelling the scents of the pines, feeling the cool air kissing your cheeks or you can feed the fishes in the ponds and make them even fatter than they already are! It's as though they could burst any moment out of fatness.

The owner, Engr. Elpidio M. Paras, also added a new thrill to his park. Presenting... The Drop Zone!!

Will you take the plunge?!

Can you imagine yourself falling from the tip of the 4th floor building, It’s that scary! Super! When I was being hoisted 120ft. above the ground, I felt a pang of terror and a sudden vision of me dying was whirling in my mind. I was staring out at the ground with a mixture of fear and dread. Feeling as though spiders were crawling up and down my back but after 5,4,3,2..1 

you get to pull the string and walla you're falling head-first and find yourself swinging like a pendulum. In hindsight, I felt like I had mini heart attaches back then as though I forgot to breath. It was the craziest ride ever! But you'll feel a swell of relief afterwards and you'll feel braver and tougher like you're one mean strong thing! You'll feel proud that you actually did it! 

For one thing, it was one experience that I would relish for the rest of my life as well as listing it in my lists of what not to do ever again in the future. One ride was enough for me, I guess. I'm not really looking forward to try it one more time in the future. For another thing, it can really pump up your adrenaline. Dropzone!! FTW!

My tip: you should go for the tandem (php750) as the swing would take longer, it's much cheaper and less scarier.

They're even planning to add a roller coaster and cable car soon! So watch this space!

They also have accommodations if you want to stay in for the night. Plus you can avail 10% off on all rides!

Room Rates:

Standard  - Php 2,800 per night
3 rooms available. Good for 3 persons. You may add 1 extra foam for Php 300.00

Twin - Php 2,800 per night
Good for 2 persons with its own lounge area. You may add 1 extra foam for Php 300.00

Deluxe - Php 3,200 per night
Good for 4 persons. You may add 1 extra foam for Php 300.00

Barkada - Php 400 per head
Minimum of 10, maximum of 30 persons

Family Suites - Php 5,000 per night
4 rooms available. Good for 6 persons. You may add 1 extra foam for Php 300.00

If you’re planning to escape from the stresses of life, having an overnight stay in Dahilayan while trying their rides, is actually a brilliant idea. It's very refreshing and soul-invigorating. It's all worth it.

The park also has a picnic ground where you can bring your own food play (or take pictures) with the wild animal replicas while being surrounded by numerous pine trees. Oh, did I mention that it fogs very often here. The place really gives off this rejuvenating feel. It’s the perfect place to escape from the problems of this chaotic world and everything is just cool and perfect! If world war III would break out (knock on wood that it won’t happen) at least now I’ve finally found the perfect place to hide from it all. 

If you’ve reached this far and managed not to get bored while reading my posts, congratulations! Forgive me if you got bored but this is just an outlet where I can release my thoughts as well as lighten and lift my spirit up.Thank you for reading about how I never get enough of Dahilayan. I could come back here for the nth time yet still not get enough of it. I love the mountains you see much more than I love the beaches. It’s so beautiful and lush I could die. This world is truly a beautiful place to live in. 


1.  Now, how do we get to this awesome place you're talking about?

- Simple, There are regular flights and ships from Manila and Cebu to Cagay de Oro (CDO). From CDO take BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) Highway then turn right on the Alae Junction (which is about a kilometer past the quarantine stop). Go straight passing through Camp Phillips, through their soccer field to your right and through the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation. Just continue until you reach Dahilayan Forest Park. You will see several directional signs along the way to guide you or asking the locals will also seem like a pretty good idea. -howtogettoDahilayanForestPark

2. Is there an entrance fee to the Forest Park?

- As a matter of fact, there is.
Weekend rate: Php 100/head
On Weekdays: Php 50/head

3. Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it but how much are their activity rates?

- here you go:

Bungee Bounce - Php 150 for 15 minutes.

Zorbit - Php 150/pax.

Atv (all-terain vehicle) - Php 500.00

*You must be at least 16 yrs. old for you to enjoy the atv.
*You must be wearing closed shoes.

Buggy (good for two) - Php 800.00

Horse-back riding - Php 200.00 

Drop Zone Skyswing:

  Single- Php 500.00
  Tandem- Php 750.00

Forest Park Luge - Php 850.00 with free round of mini golf at forest putt.

4. Wow! That sounds egzoiting!! Do we have to pay for the tables in the picnic grounds?

- Well, as long as you've paid the entrance fee then you have all access to the picnic grounds for free and enjoy eating their with your baons.

5. So, what are their digits if we ever plan to make a reservation?

Dahilayan Forest Park
Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich
Bukidnon, Philippines

Contact numbers: (+63) 917-715-4399
                             (088) 855-5346
Facebook page:


Friday, June 8, 2012

Big Screen Entertainment: Movie House + Xbox Kinect

The Cebu Bloggers Society was favored enough to be invited to check out this newly-opened, swanky entertainment hub in Cebu City. At first, it's hard to notice it as it's located in the 3rd floor of M2 Business Center Building but once you'll have the chance to check it out sometime, it's really worth it. 

They have 3 Xbox Kinect rooms and 3 movie rooms (2 big rooms and 1 small one). To check out their introductory rate, please refer to the picture posted above. Oh, if you happen to bring some food with you, you should know that they charge a corkage fee of 200 php.

Their lighting really compliments the room as it gives off this seemingly futuristic feel. One thing that I find very interesting in this clean-cut entertainment hub are their life-sized screens! it's huge. 

                                                       photo by:

It's game time! If you're looking for that perfect place to and out with your friends as well as try something new, then this is indeed the place for you. With a minimum fee of 350 php/ hour, you can already enjoy Xbox kinect without having to buy the whole expensive thing. If there are 6 of you in a group you could divide the price equally amongst you, then you'd only have to pay  roughly 58 php each and you could play it with 4 players as well. It's a really good deal if you ask me.

Another thing I love about this place is its ambiance. It gives off this very cool, comfortable and classy feel. Their movie rooms has this really fancy and contemporary interior and the rooms are smartly-decorated with  handsome black couches married with bean bags for you to sink into as well as leather upholstered walls.

                                                     photo by:

What's even more interesting about this place are their colossal screens. You'd feel as though you're in the movies as well as the characters are of the same size as you! 

                                                       photo by:

The Cebu Bloggers Society strinking a pose with the owner, Mr. Peter Padayhag, siblings and friend. :) We really had a blast expecially when we got a movie treat in one of their biggest  movie room. I must say the experience was very refreshing.

If you happen to be around Cebu, Check out the latest craze in town! Big Screen Entertainment is just the place for you where you could surely get a double dose of fun.

Big Screen Entertainment
3rd floor, M2 Business Center Building,
Escario Corner Clavano Street,

6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Business hours: 3PM to 12MN (Sundays-Thursdays)  2PM to 2AM (Fridays and Saturdays)

Contact Number: 0922 807 1894
Facebook Page:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friends forever till pigs learn to fly.

Imagine how surprise I was when two of my most trusted and loyal friends surprised and treated me at Bigby's even though it was already a month late from my birthday. The waiters were like so lively singing their own rendition of happy birthday. I never saw this coming and I was so touched thinking that NO ONE has ever done something as sweet and awesome a surprise like this. I feel so favoured by God to have met such wonderful friends like Abigail Co and Ashley Ranises. Thank you guys! I love you! I will return the favor soon. I'll make you feel valued just as how you made me feel that way. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nutella Milkshake Recipe

                                      There you have it folks! The perfect milkshake for summer


6 scoops           Vanilla ice cream

1                        banana

1 tsp.                 Nutella

4 ounces            whipping cream

                          chocolate sprinkles

         1.     Blend together ice cream, banana, Nutella, and whipping cream.
         2.     Pour into a glass. Garnish with whipping cream, cherries, and chocolate sprinkles.

Black Sambo Recipe


First Layer

         1 cup                     all purpose cream

         1 can                     condensed milk

         3 tbs.                     unflavored gelatin               

         1/2 cup                  cold water


Second Layer

         1 can                      evaporated milk
         1 cup                      sugar
         1/2 cup                   coca powder
         1 cup                      hot water
         3 tbs.                      unflavored gelatin
         1/2 cup                   cold water

         1-1)     Dissolve gelatin in 1/2 cold water.
         1-2)     Mix all purpose cream and condensed milk in a pan under low fire.
         1-3)     Add the melted gelatin to the cream and condensed milk mixture and continue stirring  
                     for about 10 minutes under low fire.
         1-4)     Place mixture in desired containers and let cool. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before 
                     adding next layer. Freeze for 15 minutes for fast results.
         2-1)     Dissolve gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water.
         2-2)     Mix evaporated milk, sugar, melted chocolate (cocoa powder and water) in a pan under 
                     low fire.
         2-3)     Add the melted gelatin to the milk, sugar, choco mixture and continue stirring for 10 
                     minutes under low fire. Set aside mixture and let cool.
         2-4)     Place mixture on top of the first layer and refrigerate. Garnish with whip cream or 
                     chocolate swirls.
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